We are a Canadian Immigration law firm with over 20 years of success, conveniently located in downtown Toronto.

Contact us about Canada’s new Express Entry Program and obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Contact us today for a comprehensive one-hour consultation with Canadian immigration lawyer David Rosenblatt who will:

•  Explain the relevant rules, regulations, policies and procedures
•  Identify your immigration options
•  Provide professional advice and recommendations
•  Create a viable customized Strategic Immigration Plan for you

We open the doors to Canada! Over the past 25 years immigration lawyer David Rosenblatt and his professional team have helped thousands of people immigrate and settle successfully. We offer a wide range of services to ensure you a quick & comfortable move to Canada.

The Work Permit-to-Permanent Residence Program

Investors can quickly get work visas to come to Canada with their family to buy, start or invest in businesses and then apply for permanent residence which only takes about a year to obtain. Find out more about this exceptional program!


What our clients are saying:

Dear Mr. Rosenblatt, I am your former client celebrating 10 years in Canada. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your excellent professional help during support at our first steps in Canada. Today I am licensed Professional Engineer and Manager at prestigious engineering company, my wife and I have two kids born in Canada. Thank you again! – Sergei Gornovsky, P. Eng

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