Rosenblatt Immigration Law

Rosenblatt Immigration law is a licensed Canadian Immigration firm founded by Canadian immigration lawyer David Rosenblatt. David has over 25 years of experience and has helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada and settle successfully. David started the Canadian immigration law firm Rosenblatt Associates in 1991 and in 2011 we changed our name to Rosenblatt Immigration Law.

Mr. Rosenblatt is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Bar Association. In 1988, David graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and became a public notary and duly-sworn Solicitor of the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Ontario Court of Justice. David was instrumental in winning one of the largest immigration cases in recent history preventing the Immigration Department from unfairly refusing hundreds of thousands of immigrants by applying new laws retroactively. David is also very well known for developing a revolutionary Video Resume Employment System (see and has extensive experience helping foreign workers come to Canada.

What Makes Rosenblatt Immigration Law Better?

  • We are experienced experts and have handled thousands of cases.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of innovative services to ensure our clients immigrate quickly and settle successfully.
  • We are dedicated and committed to ensuring our clients succeed.

We know immigrating to a new country is complex and complicated – we make it as easy and stress free as possible. We work closely with you from the first consultation and guide you step-by-step through the entire immigration process. We offer a wide range of related Canadian immigration services depending on your needs. Once we determine if you are eligible for a Canadian visa, we will provide you with a straightforward migration strategy. You can rely on our expert advice and representation and feel secure that your application is handled properly and professionally.

We handle the following matters:

Work Visas We handle all types of Canadian work visas, including intra-company work visas, NAFTA work visas, GATS work visas, and all other types of work visas.
Labour Market Impact Assessment We help employers obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to enable them to hire foreign workers.
Skilled Worker PR We help skilled workers from around the world immigrate to Canada and settle successfully. We can help you whether you are applying under the Express Entry system as a Foreign Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, a Provincial Nominee Program, or another program.
Employment Services We developed a proprietary revolutionary video resume System that efficiently connects job seekers with Canadian employers. We prepare and produce professional video resumes so job seekers get seen and hired by Canadian employers.
Student Visas We help student find the right school and a suitable study program. We help students develop a long term strategic career and immigration plan so they can properly transition from student status to permanent resident. We arrange all types of visas, including student visas, student work permits, post-grad work permits, permanent residence, and citizenship.
PR Cards We help permanent residents apply for extensions of their permanent residents cards and regain their last status.
We help our clients that are otherwise inadmissible to Canada apply for Temporary Residents Permits & Rehabilitation Applications.
Citizenship We help permanent residents apply for Canadian citizenship.
Visa Extensions We help people extend their student visas, work permits, visitor visa, and other visas.