Express Entry

Canadian Permanent Residence for Skilled Workers

On January 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced a new online skilled worker permanent residence immigration system called Express Entry.

Applicants create an online “Express Entry Profile”, which is ranked according to an Express Entry point grid that is based on age, education and work experience in Canada and abroad.

Applicants who have a job offer supported by a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), will automatically gain an extra 200 points for NOC 00 occupation, and an extra 50 points for the rest of NOC O, A, B occupation.

Applicants who have a provincial nomination certificate, will still receive an extra 600 points.

Applicants can now earn 15 points if they have one- or two-year post-secondary diploma or certificate in Canada, and earn 30 points if they have a degree, diploma or certificate of three years or longer, or for a Master, professional or doctoral degree of at least one academic year.

Periodically, the CIC will issue Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence to the highest-ranking candidates.

Once you receive the ITA, you have 90 days to apply for permanent residence.

The CIC will aim to process your PR application in 6 months.

Express Entry profiles expire after 12 months.

If you were not selected from the candidate pool during that time, you will have to create a new Express Entry profile.

Step 1: Applicants must first qualify for one of these three immigration programs

Applicants are assessed to see if they qualify for one of these three programs first:

  1. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC): Has obtained 1 year of skilled level work in Canada out of past 3 years
  2. The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW): Score over 67 points on FSW point grid and have at least 1 year of skilled work experience.
  3. The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST): Has an approved job offer or provincial qualification license for a trade.

Step 2: Applicants are then ranked on the Express Entry Comprehensive Point System

The Express Entry Point Grid favours young, highly educated applicants who are fluent in English or French and have at least several years of work experience in Canada and/or abroad. The points differ for married applicants.

Main Express Entry Point Categories

  1. Age: Max points for applicants 20-29 years old
  2. Education: Highest points for PhD, Masters or more than one degree
  3. Language: High-level fluency in English or French is very important
  4. Canadian Work Experience: Several years of work in Canada can add many points and is very important. Students can gain up to 3 years of valuable Canadian work experience on a Post Graduate Work Permit
  5. Foreign Work Experience: If applicant has a high level of English/French they can obtain points for foreign work experience

The Express Entry Draws – A competition for the highest-ranking candidates

Approximately every two weeks the immigration department issues to the highest-ranking candidates an “Invitations to Apply” (ITA) for permanent residence. Applicants who receive an ITA have just 60 days to submit their application for permanent residence with all their supporting documents. Successful applicants can expect their permanent residence within 6 months or less.

See all Express Entry Draws with Invitations to Apply

Work Experience in Canada Very Important for Express Entry Points

Applicants with Canadian work experience get many more points. It is very helpful to have at least several years of Canadian work experience – but this does not guarantee you will get selected. Only skilled work experience as identified as NOC O, A or B will qualify. Applicants with foreign work experience can get additional points.

We can help you to navigate the online express entry system and accurately complete your online profile.

We will review and upload all of your supporting documentation, complete your forms, and ensure your application is submitted within the strict 90-day deadline.

Following submission, we can track your application for you and liaise with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your behalf as necessary.

With our assistance, you can maximize your chance of being selected.

We ensure you avoid making any misrepresentations, which could lead to a refusal and ban.

  1. Determine Eligibility
  2. Preparation for an Invitation to Apply
  3. After Receiving an Invitation to Apply

We can help you apply for Express Entry Immigration

  1. Obtaining educational credential evaluation
  2. Language test and score evaluation as per immigration rules
  3. Assess and determine points under comprehensive ranking system for language, education, age, Canadian work experience, foreign work experience, settlement funds, adaptability factors and occupational certifications.
  1. Identify appropriate job title, National Occupation Classification Code, and skill type
  2. Create MyCiC account
  3. Registration with Jobbank
  4. Submitting detailed education information to CIC
  5. Submitting detailed work experience information to CIC
  6. Submitting information on dependants to CIC
  7. Submitting job offer or nomination certificate to CIC
  8. Update/revise profile as necessary
  9. Obtain appropriate letters of reference
  10. Obtain police certificates
  11. Obtain medical clearances
  12. Review, compile, and organize all supporting documentation based on the requirements of the category you are selected for
  13. Prepare to meet documentation requirements for selection under more than one category, if applicable
  14. Accurately complete online forms for permanent residence
  15. Prepare and upload all supporting documentation
  16. Provide medical exam and police certificate
  17. Provide proof of funds, if applicable
  18. Pay government application fees
  19. Submit applications

Language Ability

You must show that you meet the minimum language requirement for the category you are eligible under and provide your language test results from an agency designated by CIC in your Express Entry profile.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

You must meet the minimum level of CLB 7 in English and NCLC 7 in French for your first official language in all four language abilities.   You can get points for your second official language if you get CLB 5 for all four language abilities

  • Canadian Experience Class

If your skilled work experience in Canada is in a NOC O or A job, the minimum level is CLB 7 for English and NCLC 7 for French. If in NOC B job, the minimum level is CLB5 for English and NCLC 5 for French

  • Federal Skilled Trade Program

You must meet the minimum level of CLB5 (English) or NCLC 5 (French) for speaking and listening and CLB4 (English) or NCLC 4 (French) for reading and writing

Your language test results must be less than two years old on the day we get your complete application for permanent residence

Skilled work experience

According to the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC), skilled work experience means:

  • Managerial jobs NOC O
  • Professional jobs NOC A
  • Technical and skilled trade NOC B

You must have at least 12 months of full-time, or an equal amount in part-time, skilled work experience. Full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work per week.