Student Visas

Student Visas, Work Permits and Permanent Residence for International Students

Most foreign students studying in Canada also want permanent residence. It is crucial to develop a viable long term strategic game plan to ensure success. We help international students find the right schools with the right programs, secure good jobs, and get landed in Canada. We develop winning long-term strategies and arrange student visas, work permits, and permanent residence in Canada. Our cutting-edge video resume employment system enables our clients to secure employment in Canada so they can start a rewarding career.

Student Visas

Canadian study permits are usually required if the study program is more than six months. Applicants need a Letter of Acceptance from a school and proof of adequate financial arrangements for support while in Canada. Student visa applications are usually made at a visa post (outside Canada) that’s responsible for your home country or where you are presently residing. Dependent children of people holding work permits may not need student visas to attend school. “Dependents” are usually under 22, or over 22 and attending school full-time. Note: Students may be eligible to immigrate as dependents on their parent’s applications.

Permanent Residence Options for Students

To become eligible for permanent residence most students must graduate from a qualifying post-secondary educational institution in Canada. Often Canadian work experience, or a job offer from a Canadian employer, is required to become eligible for permanent residence. Applicants applying to be nominated for one of the provincial programs must intend to live, work, and establish his/her career in that province.

Permanent Residence Options for Foreign Students:

PR Program Minimum Study Period Minimum Work in Canada Job Offer Required Other
Canadian Experience 1 yr 1 yr N
Ministerial Instructions 0 0 Y Arranged Employment & 67 points on grid
Fed PhD 2 yrs 0 N
Alberta 2yr undergrad or 1 yr grad 6 ?
BC 1 yr 0 Y Skilled job
BC MA/PhD 1 yr 0 N
2yr undergrad or 1yr grad 6m Y Job related to studies
Sask 1 yr 6m Y Non-Sask Grads must wk 1 yr
Manitoba 1 yr 6m Y Job related to studies
Ontario 2yr dipl or 1yr post-grad 0 Y 50% of studies in Canada
Ontario MA/PhD Complete MA or PhD N N Can apply during last semester
Quebec Secondary school N Y
Newfoundland 2 yr dip or 1 yr post-grad 6 Y Job related to studies

Work Permit Options For Students:

Type of Work Visa Eligiblity
Off-campus Full-time students Can work off-campus of up to 20 hours
Internship Full-time students Internship must be integral to study programs & not more than 50% of studies
Post Grad Must graduate for at least an 8m course from qualifying school WP for same period as studies. Max 3 yrs. Grads from 2yr programs or more can get 3yr WP. Must apply within 90 days of graduating.
Spousal Married or common law spouses qualify Spouses can get open work permits