Work Permits

Work permit are usually required for foreign nationals that engage in any activities where wages or commissions are earned, or that compete directly with Canadian workers. Work permits may be issued at a visa post, a port-of-entry, or from within Canada. Trade or professional licensing approval from provincial authorities may be required. Having a job offer or working in Canada may help one qualify for permanent residence.

Because there are many different type of work permits and the rules and regulations are quite complicated we will be happy to consult and advise you regarding eligibility.

Business Owners
Business owners and managers and self-employed applicants may be able to obtain work permits to buy, start, or manage businesses that have significant benefits for Canada.

Intra-company Work Visas
Executives, Senior Managers, or workers with Specialized Knowledge, who have worked for a subsidiary, branch, parent, or affiliate of a multi-national company, for at least one year in the last three, may be eligible to work for the related company in Canada.

Free Trade Agreements
There are special provisions for citizens of countries that Canada has entered into trade agreements with, including the US, Mexico, and Chile.

Provincial Nominees
Applicants approved by provincial governments may be able to obtain a work permit to start/manage a business in Canada.

Skilled Workers with a Job Offer from a Canadian Company
Foreign workers often require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) from Employment and SocialĀ Development Canada (ESDC) before applying for a work permit. Employers usually have to advertise the job first and offer the workers the prevailing wage.

International Students
Students may be eligible for internship work permits if the internship program is a required element of their studies and not more than 50% of their program. Students may be eligible for one-time post-grad open work permit if they graduated from an eligible school and program. Graduates of 2-year programs or more can receive work permits up to 3 years.

Spouses and Common Law Partners
Spouses or common-law partners of work permit holders and student visas may be entitled to open work permits allowing them to work for any employer.

Live-in Caregivers
Live-in caregivers care for children, elderly persons, or those with disabilities in private homes without supervision. Caregivers must have a job offer from a Canadian employer and a LMIA. Caregivers must have completed a high school education equivalent to grade 12 in Canada, and within the last three years, completed six months of full-time training in a field related to the job in Canada; or they must have completed twelve months of full-time paid employment in a field related to the work in Canada. The type of work in Canada should be in the same field as the training or work experience. Functional English or French is required.